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C3 Media Sales on Sunday, January 01, 2017

No Charge

Your order will not include worship due to copyright restrictions. 

This order is for one CD or one DVD only. Please make your order selection and list date of service below!

We are no longer taking orders for Baptism or Subscriptions for DVD’s or CD's. You may access any weekend's service ~

…to watch or listen through our website at: http://ccc.aspireonemedia.com/

If you need to order more than one sermon or more than one type of media, please use the "Register Another Person" button on Step 2.

If you wish to purchase a full series, you may contact Patty Armbrust at the church 316-688-4400, Ext. 1407.


Media must be paid for at the time of the request. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Note: Sermons are recorded at all services; however, the service time that we use for copies are all from the same service and may vary from week to week.

*Date of Service (mm/dd/yyyy):